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Wayne Lumber Co., Inc., is a privately owned business with an excellent reputation for producing the Finest Quality Appalachian Hardwoods.


The original sawmill location of Wayne Lumber Company.

The Richardson family established Wayne Lumber in 1967 at their original sawmill location just south of Monticello.  The business legally incorporated in 1969 and began a gradual expansion of the facilities and services offered.  In 1978, a second site was developed on South Highway 90 to include new corporate offices, a planing facility, grading sheds and additional lumberyards. In 1982 Walter Lee and Virginia Richardson became the sole owners of Wayne Lumber and continue to manage the company today.  Continued expansion of the second site was then completed in 1990 with the addition of Wayne Dry Kilns, Inc.


As of January 2019, Wayne Lumber owns and manages more than 7,000 acres of timberland in southern Kentucky and northern Tennessee.  By utilizing Best Management Practices (BMP), timber is harvested with both company and contract crews.  High quality timberland, standing timber and hardwood logs are purchased from landowners and timberland managers. In addition, numerous lumber species are purchased from sawmills and lumber companies throughout the region, as well as nationally, to maintain inventory levels and meet customer’s needs without delay.


Wayne Lumber strives to offer excellent customer service, quality products, and competitive pricing and always provides immediate payment.

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